Neuromuscular priority setting

Cochrane Neuromuscular aims to publish relevant, up to date systematic review evidence in Neuromuscular Disease to support anyone making decisions about health care.

Our 187 registered review titles range from regularly updated published reviews to newly registered titles yet to become a protocol. As a small group, it has become necessary to identify the most important among our titles – we need to target our resources effectively and ensure the relevance and usefulness of our evidence. To enable this, we have planned a priority setting exercise to take place in 2019/20. This process will identify 20 to 30 reviews to be the focus of our work over the next three years.

The process has two aspects:

  • to identify priorities for updating published reviews and completion of ongoing reviews;
  • to identify gaps where reviews are needed.

We have drafted a Priority Setting Plan and have completed a first round of priority setting with clinical experts. The plan aims to follow Scenario 2 in the Cochrane Priority Setting Guidance Note.  

We will repeat the priority setting exercise every three years. However, priorities that emerge in the interim will be incorporated in our plans.

If you have any comments or would like your organisation to be considered as a stakeholder in this process, please get in touch with the Managing Editor