Our editorial board

Editorial board

The work of the group is supported by eight editors who represent a broad range of fields within neuromuscular disease. Current members of the board are:

Professor Djillali Annane

Intensive care
Location: France

Professor Joshua Burns

Inherited neuropathy and lower limbĀ 
Location: Australia

Dr Colin Chalk

Peripheral neuropathy and myasthenia gravis
Location: Canada

Dr Filip Eftimov

Peripheral neuropathy
Location: The Netherlands

Dr Sarah Nevitt

Statistical Editor
Location: UK

Dr Fiona Norwood

Muscle disease and myasthenia gravis
Location: UK

Dr Richard Orrell

Motor neuron disease, neuropathy and myopathy
Location: UK

Dr Michael Rose

Muscle disease
Location: UK

Dr Renato Verdugo

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Location: Chile

Dr Claire White

Rehabilitation and exercise in neurological disease
Location: UKĀ 

Professor Carolyn Young

Motor neuron disease and neurological rehabilitation
Location: UK