This Cochrane Group is no longer active

Due to changes in NIHR funding in evidence synthesis, this Cochrane Group is no longer active. We are so grateful for the work of our contributors.

If you would like to get involved with Cochrane, please visit our Join Cochrane pages.

To learn more about Cochrane, visit our homepage.

If you would like to propose a topic for a Cochrane Review, please see our instructions for authors.

If you have any queries, please contact Cochrane Support.

How to propose a title

If you would like to author a review:

  1. Check the eligibility of the proposed authors under the Cochrane conflicts of interest policy.
  2. Look at our priority titles and list of reviews needed (we may consider other titles).
  3. Check the Cochrane Library and other sources to determine whether a high quality, up-to-date systematic review already exists - the review should not duplicate existing work.
  4. Check that the team meets requirements for review teams:
    • Cochrane general expectations of review teams detailed here.
    • includes at least two authors, preferably more, and authors from at least two institutions.
    • if members of the review team have been involved in studies which may be eligible for the review, review authors with no such involvement will be required to assess the studies.
    • we consider it an advantage for author teams to be multidisciplinary, and encourage the inclusion of paramedical staff, nurses and patient representatives. 
    • author teams will include specialists in the topic of the review.

We have now moved our editorial process to the online submission system Editorial Manager. Potential authors interested in submitting a review proposal to Cochrane Neuromuscular should log in to Editorial Manager and select Submit New Manuscript. For further information see Instructions for authors on submitting new proposals. If we are interested in your initial proposal we will invite you to submit a full review proposal via an online form within Editorial Manager.

After you submit the full review proposal, the Co-ordinating Editor will decide whether to reject the proposal, request revisions, or circulate it to the Editorial board. We allow a week for Editorial Board comments, which are then collated and forwarded to the Co-ordinating Editor. You may be asked to revise the proposal in response to Editorial board comments before a final decision is made.