Get involved

There are many ways in which you can contribute to the work of the
Group, here are some examples:-
Writing a review:
If you would like to undertake a review follow this link for more
Involvement of patient representatives:
We are keen to involve consumers more fully in the work of the Group
and feel that there are mutual benefits to be enjoyed from
their participation. We would like to make use of their expertise,
particularly in the following areas:

• Identifying problems and benefits of healthcare interventions
• Refereeing protocols and reviews, particularly for accessibility
by non-medically trained readers
• Assessment of priorities for review topics
• Hand searching of journals for reports of randomised controlled
The Cochrane Collaboration undertakes both electronic and manual
searching of the literature in order to identify as many reports of
randomised trials (RCTs) as possible. You can help us to maintain
our trials register by manually searching a journal on behalf of the
Group. The following efforts will also help to ensure that our
reviewers have access to the most up to date and comprehensive

• If you have access to conference proceedings please let us know.
      We would like to hand-search as many conference proceedings as
• If you know of a controlled trial please register basic details of
      it with us. Contact the editorial base for a registration form.
• If you know of any completed trials that have not yet been
      published please let us know so that we can contact the
      investigators for details.
• If you know of any non-English language journals which may contain
      reports of RCTs please contact the editorial base.
 Translation of foreign articles:
 Occasionally articles we retrieve through searching require
 translation (usually into English). Please contact if you would be willing to do this.
 Peer reviewing protocols and reviews:
 As part of the editorial process a protocol or review is peer
 reviewed by at least three content experts, a statistician and a
 consumer representative. If you would like to contribute to this
 work please contact the Group indicating your area of expertise.

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